Sisters VR: 360 Degrees of Horror in a Haunted House

The Sisters VR is a truly horrifying Virtual Reality experience that can permanently scar you. While Sisters VR is not an actual game, per se, it still has the ability to terrorize you thoroughly. It does this by putting you, the player, directly in the midst of a haunted house in an immersive and interactive 360 degree setting. According to legend this house was once home to two sisters who one day vanished without a trace. Are you brave enough to spend the night?

360 degree VR horror experience

As I mentioned previously, Sisters isn’t actually a game in a traditional sense. You can’t walk around the room and you can’t interact with objects. Instead Sisters is a virtual reality experience where you are in the center of action.

By using a pair of decent headphones you have the ability to experience first hand what it must be like spending the night in a haunted house. No matter how brave you think you are, this experience has the potential to scar you for life. You have been warned!

How it begins

Sisters VR Horror Experience Watching TV - HorrorGamesVR

The “game” starts off by letting you get comfortable with your surroundings. Nothing scary happens at first. But as you sit there and watch TV, you will soon realize that things are not as they seem. The television turns off, the lights go out and all you can hear is the rain and thunder outside.

Suddenly you hear a giggle. As you look towards where the sound came from, you’ll realize that one of the dolls is missing from the fireplace mantel. Look around the room, the doll should be somewhere close by. Wonder what caused it to move? Maybe, hopefully, it was just a draft!

The twins are not messing around

Sisters VR Horror Experience - HorrorGamesVR

As the experience progresses, things will gradually get more and more intense until eventually they will get so bad that you will shit your pants. Really.

Sisters is one of the most horrifying virtual reality experiences currently available, for free, on Play Store and there are hundreds of positive feedbacks left by other gamers to back this claim.

Sisters VR is truly Immersive

The app uses binaural and directional audio coupled with advanced head tracking technology that doesn’t induce motion sickness. The environment is developed in a way which allows it to respond to your movement meaning that it will know which direction you’re looking at. This way you won’t miss anything!

Sisters VR Horror Experience - HorrorGamesVR

And because you don’t have to press any other buttons you can just strap the headset on your face altogether and simply enjoy the terror first hand.

It feels like you are actually there and you will most likely lose track of reality. Which is a good thing, right?

If you haven’t had the time to play it yet, I strongly recommend you to get your ass over to Play Store and download this free vr horror game immediately.