Resident Evil 7 VR Horror That Will Terrify You!

Having been a fan of Resident Evil since the inception back in the mid 90’s I, like many others, felt the series lost its way around Resident Evil 6-ish. Resident Evil 4 was a tremendous game, but the direction CapCom took the series in after this release was not to every ones taste.

Resident Evil 7 and PlayStation VR though take the series back to its…. I was going to say survival horror, but the truth is Resident Evil 7 is a straight up horror experience that proves VR horror games cannot just work, but offer a scary experience that not even a movie can match.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard review

Are You ready?

This is honestly the question you have to ask yourself before you fire up Resident Evil 7 in VR. I am a big horror fan and a big video game fan. I had dabbled a little with VR before the release of Resident Evil 7 and while I had heard it was the ultimate when it came to VR horror games I was sold, but honestly nothing can prepare you for the experience that awaits you in Resident Evil 7.

First Person Horror

Even without the PlayStation VR, Resident Evil 7 is an immersive experience as it is a first person game (although not actually the first game in the series to offer first person action) but when you put on that helmet and see the creepy house, the dark and dank basement all start to feel too damn real!

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard review

It is very hard to explain to someone who has not actually experienced it, but you know how when you play a first person horror game and you sort of peek around a corner? And you get all kinds of emotions rushing when you think what could be around that corner? Well, amplify that by about a thousand because while this is a video game, it feels like it’s really happening to you right now. I cannot stress that enough.

Within the first five minutes you spend in the house, you realize that Resident Evil 7 is not like the other couple of VR horror games we have had. It feels like a movie, a movie that really is life or death for you.

So, what about the story?

By now you are probably wondering (if you do not already know) what the storyline of Resident Evil 7 is. Well without giving too much away, you play the role of Ethan Winters who heads to an “abandoned” plantation in order to find his missing wife.

The plantation as you have probably expected is not abandoned and Ethan must fight of a crazed family called the Baker family. Honestly any more info on the story and I would rob you of all the drama, suspense and horror that comes with it.

Resident Evil 7 Biohazard review family

It really does not feel like a Resident Evil game, many people have said it has a more Silent Hill kind of feel to it and that is actually a very good comparison. Resident Evil 7 is the kind of game that is so intriguing that you will just want to keep on playing…. If your nerves can handle it of course.

Control Your nerves

I was very excited for the emergence of VR horror games, but I have to admit that I was a little worried about how these games would control. Resident Evil 7 does not have that problem as you control the game with the good ol’ PlayStation 4 controller.

Some may say this takes away certain aspects of the immersion effect, but trust me it really doesn’t. You will be gripping the controller super tight many, many times during the game.

If you have played a first person game before then you will be right at home with this. It may take a little while to get your bearings, but the confusion should pass quickly. In all honesty I think using the PlayStation 4 controller instead of the “Move controllers” was really a step to the right direction by the developers and makes the whole game much better.

So, sell me on the VR!

Ok so we have established that Resident Evil 7 is a well made game. It plays great, the VR is great and in general CapCom have done a great job. The problem the game has is the same problem that all VR horror games are going to have and that is it really is the kind of thing that you have to experience to see just how good it is, but I will try to describe why this is the best VR experience on PlayStation VR right now.

CapCom have really crafted a world here that feels real. Not only that, but the world is full of danger and you are always on edge. The way the Baker family stalk and talk to you is truly unnerving and you will find yourself turning your head or just flat out closing your eyes when things get a little too much.

If you have ever wanted to feel like you are in a horror movie then short of making some device that can magically transport you into one, this is as close as you will ever get.

Closing thoughts

Resident Evil 7 is a truly fantastic game and one that is setting the series up for some very big things. In terms of VR it really is astounding and if there is one game that proves VR can work and that VR horror games are going to be huge it is this.

If you have a PlayStation VR then this is a game you have to play. If you have been looking for a reason to purchase a PlayStation VR headset then Resident Evil 7 is that reason.

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