Dreadhalls: One of the most highly rated VR horror games in 2017 (Review)

Dreadhalls is a fine example of an immersive VR game done right. Virtual reality and horror games go together better than cookies and milk. Whether it’s due to the immersion or the ambiance horror games on VR manage to create, they are genuinely terrifying and Dreadhalls is no exception. Dreadhalls combines jump scares with a great atmosphere to deliver a game that will keep you on the edge the entire time you play but what truly makes it standout is the amazing sound it has to offer.

Dreadhalls review

The concept is simple, you’re locked in a labyrinth and you need to look for a way to get out while you’re being hunted down by minsters. As a VR horror game, it doesn’t offer a ton of variety since you’ll mostly be running down narrow hallways that might not be all that scary but when the scares pop-up they’ll definitely fill you up with dread.

How to play Dreadhalls?

Dreadhalls ghost in hallway how to play

Dreadhalls is like almost every other horror FPS game you’ve ever played – just in VR. The controls are simple, you move the camera and interact with objects using the mouse and move with the keyboard.

Since you’ll be trying to survive in very clustered places the lack of controls doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way which makes it even more tense. Even though you can move the camera by moving your head, it moves so slowly that you have to rely on the mouse to actually keep up as you run for your life.

Though this does feel uncomfortable when starting out, you can adjust the camera rotation speed in the settings to make the game less
nauseating to play. If you can get over the controls, then what awaits you is one of the best VR horror games you can find.

Similar But Unique – A Whole New Experience

From the start, Dreadhalls tries to stand out as being its own unique game rather than following a specific formula like other FPS horror games in 2017 do. For starters, it gets rid of the traditional mini-map and replaces it with an actual map that you have to check on your own that adds a lair of immersion that I didn’t think would be possible.

Dreadhalls Map

By simply removing something as simple as a mini-map and thus increasing in-game interaction, Dreadhalls felt more realistic than any other 2017 VR horror game. As you explore new places more locations and points of interest are added to the map as well as giving you a sense of how far you’ve progressed and far you’ve yet to go.

Atmosphere Done Right

What really makes the game a must play for VR horror game lovers is the atmosphere. Unlike other horror games, Dreadhalls doesn’t just simply rely on jump scares and over dramatic music but from the very start manages to establish itself as a game that‘s all about atmosphere.

Not many games can manage to pull off making unlocking a door as nerve wrecking as Dreadhalls. As you move around from corridor to corridor, you’ll need to unlock doors every now and then while avoiding being spotted by the monsters.

Waiting for the door to unlock as the music picks up and accompanied by the noise of the monsters running your way really makes for a great treat for anyone that likes the thrill only dread can bring. When the monsters do manage to catch you the only option you have is to run and try to lose them in the maze of corridors which is easier said than done.

Dreadhalls table candles potion bottle

The simplicity and the randomness of the game not only make it unpredictable but also give it great replay value. As you walk through the narrow corridors, your view is restricted and the only thing that’s lighting your way is your lantern which you need to gather oil for.

Even when you turn the lantern off to avoid being detected, the game somehow manages to provide enough illumination to help you navigate without giving away the source of the light which further adds to the atmosphere of uncertainty. At the same time, the sound effects and ambient noise keeps you on the edge always wondering what lies behind the next corner.

More Than Just Jump Scares

Though it may be hard to believe, Dreadhalls actually follows a pretty decent story that you learn by picking up coins and exchanging them at a stone Medusa head for bits and info about the story and the mazes. You can also use coins you pick up to buy more useful items which include lantern oil.

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This gives the game an RPG-ish feel that makes it feel like a more fleshed out game rather than just a quick jump scare. Overall, Dreadhalls is burdened by the same control issues almost every other VR game faces but beyond that, it offers a horror experience like no other. With an amazing atmosphere and equally amazing music with an abundance of jump scares, this is one of the best VR horror games you can hope to find.