Author: ynef

  • Dreadhalls: One of the most highly rated VR horror games in 2017 (Review)

    Dreadhalls is a fine example of an immersive VR game done right. Virtual reality and horror games go together better than cookies and milk. Whether it’s due to the immersion or the ambiance horror games on VR manage to create, they are genuinely terrifying and Dreadhalls is no exception. Dreadhalls combines jump scares with a […]

  • Resident Evil 7 VR Horror That Will Terrify You!

    Having been a fan of Resident Evil since the inception back in the mid 90’s I, like many others, felt the series lost its way around Resident Evil 6-ish. Resident Evil 4 was a tremendous game, but the direction CapCom took the series in after this release was not to every ones taste. Resident Evil […]

  • House of Terror VR: Review & Walkthrough (Google Cardboard)

    House of Terror is by far one of the best looking vr horror games for Google Cardboard. Unlike Silent Home, for example, House of Terror definitely feels a lot less, well, indie. However it’s also a clear example of how looks can be quite deceiving. While the graphics are absolutely amazing for a Google Cardboard […]

  • Sisters VR: 360 Degrees of Horror in a Haunted House

    The Sisters VR is a truly horrifying Virtual Reality experience that can permanently scar you. While Sisters VR is not an actual game, per se, it still has the ability to terrorize you thoroughly. It does this by putting you, the player, directly in the midst of a haunted house in an immersive and interactive 360 […]

  • Silent Home: VR horror game exclusive to Google Cardboard

    Developed by SuperMonkeyFun, Silent Home is one of the most terrifying free to play VR horror games currently available on Play Store. And because of its relatively low system requirements, you can enjoy the game even on medium to low end smartphones. I am playing it on my 5 years old Samsung Galaxy S2 and […]